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Sundog Eyewear continue the evolution of golf eyewear with Hunter Mahan and his new H EVO Series. According to the company, it’s latest product sets the new standard for cutting edge style with uncompromising Mela-Lens performance and protection. The new frame design is available in five colors. The Shiny Black Pinstripe model, according to Sundog is emblematic of Mahan’s love of stylish automobiles. The H EVO frame selection includes Root Beer Fade, Matte Black, Metallic Silver and Shiny White to combine with four Mela-Lens colors.
“I consider my Sundog Signature Series H Mela-Lens sunglasses a very important part of my equipment,” said Mahan. “While many golfers put their sunglasses on their hat when they putt, I count on my Sundog Eyewear to help me under all conditions.”
The new H EVO models feature Sundog Eyewear’s Mela-Lens technology. “Mela” is short for Melanin, a naturally produced pigment that acts as a sunscreen protecting the skin from ultraviolet light. In partnership with BNL Sun Lenses, an Essilor company, Sundog Eyewear has created the Sundog Mela-Lens lines utilizing synthetic melanin to produce state-of-the-art melanin lens technology. Mela-Lens absorbs light seamlessly over a broad spectral range providing 98 per cent blue light filtration and 100 per cent UVA/B protection. Mela-Lens  features BNL Sun Lenses Eternity Hard Coat for superior abrasion resistance.
H EVO and Hunter Mahan’s Signature H Series are just part of the excitement surrounding Sundog Eyewear. The 2011 line includes all new models in the Paula Creamer Collection, Mike Weir’s Weir Golf Signature Series, Mela-Lens Polarized and Mela-Lens Photochromic  models, and the complete Core Golf line.