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Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) announced the retail availability of its 2011 line of authentic golf eyewear for men and women. Callaway’s Golf’s Tour Authentic line of eyewear boasts NEOX Transitions SOLFX sun lenses, a partnership of advanced technologies designed specifically to enhance visual performance on the golf course the company said. The lenses combine the performance technology of NEOX lenses with the photochromic technology of Transitions Optical to create golf lenses that automatically adapt in changing light situations.
“By offering lenses that seamlessly adapt to various light conditions and enhance vision throughout a round of golf, we firmly believe that eyewear is a critically important piece of equipment,” said John Melican, Senior Vice President, Soft Goods, Licensing, and New Business, Callaway Golf.  “At Callaway, we continue to be 100% dedicated to providing the ultimate in performance, comfort and style for golfers.”
The NEOX Transitions SOLFX sun lenses also reduce the strain on players’ eyes by blocking 100% of UV rays, Callaway said.  This is particularly important considering the amount of sun exposure a typical golfer experiences during a multi-hour round.
Transitions SOLFX sun lenses use advanced technology that cause photochromic molecules within the sun lens to automatically adapt to the amount of UV available.  The molecules automatically adjust the color and darkness of the lenses to any light conditions.  Therefore, as UV light increases or decreases, which is common during a full round of golf, the lens color seamlessly optimizes to enhance the player’s vision and counteracts any distortion or depth of field problems.
NEOX technology is an advanced formula engineered to sharpen depth perception for more accurate distance vision. By allowing the appropriate amount of light through the lens while blocking harmful rays, NEOX technology is said to offer superior distance clarity so golfers can more clearly see the course terrain, better examine the contours of a green while putting, and easily track golf ball flight.
Dedicated to providing authentic golf styling for all players, Callaway Golf is offering a variety of quality eyewear in 2011. For men, key models include the high-performance Tour Authentic FT-iH (MSRP $199.99), the lightweight RAZR Hyperlite (MSRP $124.99), and the “street style” Diablo Octane (MSRP $94.99).  For women, the comfortable Diablo X-Hot (MSRP $74.99) and the fashionable Solaire Solstice (MSRP $124.99) reveal Callaway’s dedication to both form and function.  Callaway Golf eyewear can be found at golf retailers nationwide and at select optometrists.