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The Boomtown Rats contribution to the world was its tune, “I Don’t Like Mondays,” which might be one way to sum up the decision to push the Waste Management Phoenix Open’s conclusion back a day. Due to lengthy frost delays on Thursday and Friday tournament play will be forced to end on Monday, PGA TOUR officials have determined. “It's been kind of crazy this year. We've had two out of five pro-ams that we didn't play. We didn't play in Hawai'i and we didn't play here this week. Someone made the comment, when can you ever remember, and I can't, did we ever have a Monday finish with no precipitation, which is unbelievable,” said Slugger White, the man in charge of the event for the PGA TOUR. “I mean, for us to get knocked out for frozen greens just doesn't happen. Frost, yeah, frost goes away in an hour, hour and a half, and then we can just keep going, we can catch up. But unfortunately these greens were just -- it's been in the 20s, 25 every morning in my car.”
White was reminded the last time the TOUR finished on a Monday without the presence of water was the 2008 Verizon, which came about due to high winds. “We'll probably make the cut sometime this afternoon (Saturday), I can't tell you when, and if it makes sense to start the third round, we'll try to do that. We really don't want to burn as much daylight because it's right up against dark every night. In a perfect world, probably finish Monday maybe four or five holes, best-case scenario. It's unbelievable how frozen these greens get, and they just don't thaw out,” he said.
Mike McQuaid, Tournament Chairman added, “It's really out of our control. Acts of God, there's not much you can do about it. We'd certainly welcome the opportunity to finish on Sunday, but that's not going to happen. We will start the fourth round on Sunday, the final round on Sunday, play as far as we can into -- throughout the day, and then obviously dark will play a halt, and then we'll go into and finish up on Monday.”