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There was a time, not that long ago, when golf companies could count on the early adopters to support almost anything and everything that first came to market. It seems as if everyone knows of someone who couldn’t wait to be the first kid on the block to show off the next game changer in his or her bag. Its hard to know whether there are as many avid, rapid technology junkies still exercising their credit cards as often as before ever since the economy fell into a soft spot. Yet they do exist even if the economy implies everyone resides in the same lifeboat.
Every golfer still lusts a competitive edge, some want it more than others and The Extra 20 Yards believes it is just that. The product is considered to be the first golf-specific home gym designed to build strength, increase swing speed and lead to more distance. According to the company, golfers need only spend 3 to 5 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week in order to reap the benefits they’ve spent years and a lot of money searching for.
A swivel pulley set at the correct swing plane angle for both right and left-handed incorporates a weight stack comprised of 4.4-lbs. plates calibrated to build golf muscles without losing flexibility to help golfers of any level. The system has a classic golf grip attached to a cable to pull the weights that builds muscle memory in your hands and arms to ensure the right technique, helping to groove the correct kinematic muscle sequence. Click here to see a video demonstration on the system.
“This is ideal for the keen golfer,” said Simon Yates, 7th in all time career earnings on the Asian PGA Tour. “It works all the muscles in a golf swing and you don’t have to spend lots of time in the gym. Forget spending lots of money on the latest drivers, and just spend a few minutes each week using this machine and you will gain The Extra 20 Yards.”
Catriona Matthew, British Ladies Open Champion, was so impressed, according to the company, that she requested one for her own home.  “My coach introduced me to The Extra 20 Yards, and I immediately saw how useful it would be,” said Matthew.  “I got one within a few days and it is now helping me develop a stronger golf swing, hit the ball longer and I’m sure it will protect me against long term injuries.”
Studies show that the higher the swing speed the lower the handicap, the company said, and that a conditioning program could improve club head speeds in golfers of all ages and abilities.
After being launched in Europe, The Extra 20 Yards is making its U.S. debut at the price of $365 (plus $30 for shipping). The company’s marketing plan the product is web-based marketing, as well as public relations and through developing relationships with instructors and teaching academies to implement the product with students. There are currently no plans to go to retail, just direct. For additional information or to order, visit