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Home Business is better than expected at Mizuno USA

LOST IN TRANSLATION: Speaking to sources inside Mizuno USA and on the condition of anonymity, the US leg of the golf business is faring better than was reported in yesterday’s Daily Pulse. The US division’s year is a fiscal calendar year; where as the parent company in Japan operates with its fiscal starting on April 1. Therefore, there is a mismatch in reporting terms with respect to the business results. Sources have told the Daily Pulse that through July, dollar sales for the seven months in the U.S, are higher by 8% over the previous year. The company experienced a poor August in 2010 and is expecting to easily surpass it. Internal projections are believed to see Mizuno USA finish up 11% year-to-date by the end of the month compared to a year ago. One source termed it as, “a lock.”
The results are being driven by Mizuno’s new JPX 800 Irons. Golf Datatech indicate a combined share of 4.0% in dollars in their latest report (June) for these two new models, according to internal sources at Mizuno.