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Home PGA Championship likely to change dates

CHANGES ARE COMING: Time flies whether we like it or not. As the PGA Championship takes center stage in the golf world, early word is surfacing that changes are coming in the future. There is talk that golf is restructuring its major championships due to the game’s inclusion in the Olympic Games in 2016. PGA of America CEO, Joe Steranka, was questioned on the subject and confirmed there is something in the works. “We have the International Golf Federation, which has an Olympic Committee and I sit on that board along with the leadership of the PGA TOUR, the LPGA, the USGA,” said Steranka. “So that has been part of the discussion since the formative stages of submitting our proposal to the IOC. We have a tentative plan, and the PGA Tour is working toward that and their new television discussions with the networks and how they are going to schedule golf through 2016.”
It’s believed that all of the golf major championships in 2016 will be move up in scheduling to accommodate the Olympics being staged at the same date normally reserved for the PGA Championship.