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Home Tiger Woods talks belly putter

It’s been an usual year in more ways than one. It’s safe to say, what some people thought might happen, hasn’t so far. For example, the economy continues to sputter and is never too far off the front page of newspapers or the evening news. In golf, the season is winding down with the second to last event on the PGA TOUR coming this week. Phil Mickelson has been known to do some off the wall things, but this year he elected to go to a belly putter! Long putters have been known to frequent the hands of those who often get the twitches, as the Brits like to say. Struggling to find the bottom of the cup was often the quickest way to sell a belly or long putter.

Anyone wondering whether if another well-known player might adopt these alternative methods can think again. “No, I can't,” replied Tiger Woods, when questioned about incorporating a belly putter into his game. “The way I believe in releasing the putter is exactly what the belly putter does,” he explained. “ I like to release it with my right-hand. The belly putter is in actuality a releasing stroke, which I believe is how you should putt. When I pick up the belly putter and I try it, it's very similar to my stroke. The only difference is the weight throws me off. But how it's released is how I release a putter anyways, so it doesn't really change.”