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Home Haas doesn't get excited over winning the lottery

Bill Haas acknowledged winning the season ending FedExCup was a little out of his league. He managed to do it by winning the Tour Championship at the exact same time and walked away with an $11.4 million payday. “I can't wrap my arms around that figure,” he said on the eve of the Chevron world Challenge. “It's not something that you ever plan on happening. It's an attempt at winning the lottery. I know you work for it and you have that goal set in mind the whole year to win the FedExCup, but it's still such a big lump (sum).”

Just about everyone would be anxious to see their bank balance once the deposit hit the account. However, Haas isn’t like everyone. “I never saw it. I don't really check my account like that. I've asked my managers when does it happen?  They said it already has,” he said. The trusting soul also wasn’t aware of his tax obligations on the funds. “Did I get taxed on it yet, I don't know,” he said. “I know a lot of it goes to that.” Perhaps his work ethic keeps him in the moment rather than looking too far ahead as he summed (pun intended) up his attitude towards his largest pay day ever.  “I think of it in a way that it's a lot less than that (the original sum due to taxes) and to be smart with your money.”

If you ever wondered what some of these players do with their money, Haas won’t ever be confused for an NBA or NFL rookie hitting it big with a signing bonus. He was asked if he had any plans with his newfound riches? “I don't think anything, honestly. We're about to break ground on a house. We had the plans. We were going to do it whether I won that or not. And we hadn't changed the plan since (winning),” he answered. “I don't need a big house. I don't need anything extravagant. Hopefully that amount of money I can build on that and that'll set up my family for the future. Trying to do it the smart way, and I haven't bought anything fun since. I have all these ideas, but I'm going to try not to make a dumb, quick purchase I guess.”