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Before the size of drivers were capped at 460 ccs, retailers often spoke about visible technology. The larger club head implied it must be better as consumers were only left to wonder what was built into the extra volume that was visible. Once the line in the sand was drawn the concept seemed to disappear, as adjustability became the new battle ground for many manufacturers. Equipment cycles have accelerated, yet in the same breath they been compressed in recent years as the war to win consumers’ wallets has its own meaning of “fast and furious.” If only one thing is only remembered about 2011, it will be the market acceptance of the bleach blonde model. TaylorMade may be getting some competition in the category of gentlemen prefer blondes as Adams Golf announced it has gotten some highlights of its own with its latest driver the new Speedline Fast 12.

speedline12If you subscribe to the theory the 21st Century society is obsessed with the outward appearance than you have to credit the people in golf who figured (pun intended) it out ahead of the rest of the crowd.  All too often, it seems to be a battle over style versus substance. Visible technology sold the story of promise, once upon a time, while white driver seems to borrow on that principle. For those who believe beauty is only skin deep, the new Speedline Fast 12 has a few more things going for it other than simply its appearance.

“The Speedline Fast 12 driver is a significant technological step forward in the quest for large footprint and high MOI driver that also provides the speed of modern aerodynamic designs,” said Scott Burnett, Director of Advanced Product Development for Adams Golf. According to the company, the Fast 12 incorporates a new Airfoil Design to produce a 460cc driver with 14% less drag for an increase of up to 3 mph in club head speed and, at the same time, a nearly 10% increase in forgiveness. The Airfoil Design of the Fast 12 driver incorporates crown elements such as the trip steps seen in its predecessor, the Fast 11, along with new design elements on the sole and skirt of the club that provide maximum aerodynamic benefits, according to Adams Golf, throughout the entire swing path.

Adams Golf said the Airfoil design in the new Fast 12 has the MOI (resistance to twisting) equivalent to the square drivers of the past, but due to those designs it carried such high drag they slowed down swing speeds. In addition to its technical story, the Fast 12 features a satin silver crown color, which is likely first thing to catch the eye of golfers.

The Speedline Fast 12 Driver will come standard with the Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue featuring Speed Coat Technology. It will be available on-line and in stores on January 26th with an MSRP of $349.99. Right-handed players can choose between 8.5°, 9.5° and 10.5° lofts, while lefties have 9.5° and 10.5° to decide between. Adams also has a Speedline Fast 12kennyperry Draw Driver: 9.5°, 10.5° and 12.5° lofts for right-handed players only. There is also a women’s Speedline Fast 12 Driver: 10°, 12° and HL (high launch) in right-handed and 12° in left-handed.

For the player who wants to lower their spin rate and modify the driver specs to their liking, Adams Golf also has the Speedline Fast 12 LS (Low Spin) driver. Spin can be a reason a ball falls out of the air and this product has better players earmarked for it. “In the Speedline Fast 12 LS, we developed a low spinning, adjustable and aerodynamic driver that appeals to the better player,” said Justin Honea, Director of Product Development for Adams Golf.  “Combining all of the performance characteristics with adjustability was the best way to do this. Giving players the option of changing lengths as well as loft and lie gives us a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry.”

The Fast 12 LS provides extensive adjustability in a very discreet hosel design. Golfers can adjust loft and face angle, lie, and length. The loft can be adjusted up to +/- 1 degree. The lie can be adjusted upright to +2 degrees. The standard length of the Fast 12 LS is 45”, but can be adjusted to 45.5”. There is also a removable weight in the back of the club head to allow the golfer to change to a lighter weight when the club is lengthened in order to maintain the same swing weight. Adding a half-inch in length provides increased ball speed, increased launch angle, and additional carry distance.

The Speedline Fast 12 LS driver’s standard shaft will be the Fubuki Alpha with MD Technology, which is designed for the player who wants a more stable, lower spinning shaft, Adams said. For a golfer looking for an even lower launching and lower spinning option, the Matrix Ozik 6M3 Black Tie will be offered as a custom option without any associated charge, Adams said.  Additionally, a higher launching option, the Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue with Speed Coat Technology will be offered as a custom option also at no additional charge. The suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Speedline F12 LS driver, available on-line and in stores on January 26th, is $449.99.

It wouldn’t be complete if Adams didn’t also offer a Speedline Fast 12 fairway wood. It features the second generation of Velocity Slot Technology (VST), which includes a slot within a slot on both the crown and sole of the club. According to the Plano, TX-based Company, engineers build upon the benefits found in the first kpgeneration of VST producing an 11% increase in CT (trampoline effect) over the Speedline Fast 11, and a 22% increase over fairway woods without a slot. “By placing a slot within the slot, we were able to create a thinner and more flexible structure,” explained Tim Reed, VP of Research and Development for Adams Golf.  “This creates an even hotter face than we had in the first generation of VST.  We also have been able to improve launch conditions even more by designing the top slot to flex more than the sole to increase launch angle without increasing spin.”

Kenny Perry, a recent addition to Adams Golf’s Tour staff, became a believer in VST when during his initial test his carry distance increased from 254 yards using his previous 3-wood to 289 yards. “This is the hottest 3-wood I have ever hit,” Perry said. “This thing is a rocket. I gained 35 yards, which definitely made me feel young again.” There is some irony here in Perry’s choice of words to describe the fairway wood. Perry left TaylorMade, which recently introduced the RocketBallz line of clubs. The fairway wood in particular for the line got its name, according to folklore, from Dustin Johnson who also stated the fairway wood was a rocket launcher. It would seem 2012 will be about going to the moon with the fairway being the launch pad!

The Fast 12 fairway wood will also feature a satin silver crown. It will be equipped with the Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue featuring Speed Coat Technology. The Speedline Fast 12 Fairway Woods (3+, 3 and 5 in right-handed, 3 and 5 in left-handed) will be available online and in stores on January 26th and have an MSRP of $249.99.