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Home Nike goes with an outside the box approach

Nike Golf is sure to turn a few heads once consumers see its Method Concept putter.  The company has taken an out of the box approach, nikeconceptliterally, with its design. It believes it has created “some game changing science,” with the product. The front or face portion of the design is built with aluminum, 20% of the weight of the back portion of the putter, which uses steel. Its center of gravity is therefore positioned back and even further back than its Drone model but at half the size. Due to its center of gravity being further back and lower, the Concept delivers a faster roll and the stability of a mallet, Nike said. It could be classified as a hybrid as it has the appearance of a blade putter but the stability and roll of a very large mallet. The appearance is somewhat deceiving, as the face of the putter is light, weighing only 90 grams. The body is heavy, weighing 200 grams. The combination of the two sections results in a very high MOI-to-head ratio putter with a small mallet footprint, Nike said.

“We are giving consumers something new and something better,” said David Franklin, Master Model Maker, Nike Golf. “There’s a reason the shape is the way it is. It allows us to infuse vital science and powerful technology that delivers a very high MOI in a relatively small package.” Nike said in its testing the Concept delivers a smoother stroke due to its deep center of gravity design. “It reduces the yips or jerk factor, as I call it,” said Tony Dabbs, Nike Golf’s Product Line Manager - Clubs.

The appearance is polarizing to say the least and Nike officials said the conversion is amazing for those giving it a try. The Concept clearly provides Nike Golf a point of difference in the category versus its competition. It will be offered in a standard model with an expected retail price of $199 and a belly model at $229. The putter will debut at retail stores on February 1st.