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Home Playboy Golf Tour offers a different golf experience

Forget that boy’s trip to Pebble Beach or St. Andrews. Nothing wrong with the Monterey Peninsula or having the R&A clubhouse in your back swing on the first tee, but this “alternative” trip likely will appeal to a broader cross section of red blooded males. How about a weekend of golf and parties at the Playboy Mansion!

playboy golfThe four-day weekend begins with arrival in Hollywood and a full itinerary of super exclusive parties all weekend long. Golfers will be shuttled to the Playboy Mansion where they will meet fellow golfers, celebrities and athletes, Playboy Playmates and Girls of Playboy Golf. After the Tee Party, participants enjoy a pool party back at the host hotel. The main course (pun intended) is the next day as Playboy Golf Finals (March 28 – April 1, 2012) will be held at Palms Golf Resort.

With more than 30 Playmates and 300 Girls of Playboy Golf on the course, its highly unlikely anyone will complain about slow play for the seven hours that organizers are budgeting. If you don’t play well, then the fun continues upon return to the host hotel for a party like you’ve never seen before. 

Saturday morning finds the top qualifying teams teeing off for a serious round of golf, complete with caddies and scorekeepers. And this phase is only for those best golfers that were able to deal with all the beautiful “distractions” the day before. For those who aren’t on the course, there is a lavish pool party at the hotel, hosted by the Girls of Playboy Golf. Sounds like everyone is a winner! The weekend culminates that night with the much-anticipated Lingerie and Pajama Party, where guests get an up close and personal taste of the Playboy Good Life as they attend the ultimate Playboy Mansion party, and rub elbows with Hef, Playboy Playmates, athletes and celebrities. The Playboy Golf Finals are priced from $5,000 to $20,000 but the enjoyment factor is likely to offset the costs.

The Playboy Golf Tour and regional Playboy Golf Scramble events attract amateur golfers of any and all abilities, with or without a United States Golf Association handicap.   For the complete Playboy Golf Tour Rules, registration and other information, you can visit or call 973.287.6288.