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Home Greg Norman says US golf is dead in the water

Greg Norman is starting to sound more and more like a Democrat. Appearing on CNBC, he went out of his way to level criticism towards a Republican candidate’s assessment of the President of the United States. “Mitt Romney today said President Obama plays too much golf. That doesn't help golf. If the President wants to get out and play golf as much as he does on his time off, let him get out and play,” the Shark said. Norman went on to  acknowledged the golf business isn’t doing well and offered little chance it would turn around. “But we've (the golf industry) been struggling for 35, 40 years that I've been in the game,” Norman said. “The United States is dead in the water,” he said regarding the golf course side of the business. “We'll be dead in the water for quite a long period of time for golf courses in our business.” To see more of Norman and his candid comments, watch the video below.