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Home Bubba Watson marches to the beat of his own drum


Bubba Watson is a freak. There isn’t any other way to describe what he is capable of doing. For example, at last week’s WGC Cadillac Championship, he pounded 37 drivers over 300 yards! Know anyone else who can do that? According to PING, his equipment company, more than 62% of the time in 2012 Watson averages, AVERAGES, 300+ off the tee using a pink driver. He’s also a character, who isn’t afraid to speak his mind in today’s politically correct world. “You know, this golf course doesn't really suit me,” he said after throwing down a little 62 at the TPC Blue Monster Doral on Friday. “I still don't like this golf course. It's tough for me.  Not a big fan of No.18.” Want more Bubba, try this on for size. “I play this game because I love it and I love the challenge, and I love trying to get better and better. I've never asked for help. The last time I got help was my dad probably about ten years old.  He could barely break 100. Some guys want somebody there to cheer them up, to keep them going, to tell them that the swing looks good, to help them. I just choose not to. There's other guys that don't have a swing coach that chases them around everywhere they go, some do. It's just all about preference, and for me it's just not having one,” he said. While Bubba is known for the long ball, he also can find the back of the cup. Asked how many times he has shot 59, he replied, “I'd say ten times. I shot 58 once.” The 58 came last December when he was playing at Estancia, a private club in North Scottsdale, AZ.

While weekend warriors are often filled full of swing thoughts on the course, Bubba, of course, has an alternative approach. “I've just been doing something a little different. I've been really focused on the mental side of it this year. Started last winter, after TOUR Championship, I took a different path, and I've been playing a lot better. Have not finished outside 18 since Australia.  TOUR championship, I think I finished 23rd there so that was the last time I finished in the 20s.  I'm approaching the game differently and working hard at it and so far it's paying off,” he said. There is only one Bubba Watson, who can consistently blast it off the tee, while not thinking about how to do it. Too bad there isn’t a little Bubba inside all of us!