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This year’s Masters is already anticipated to be one of the best ever. Tiger, Phil, Luke and Rory each have a win already this year thus heightening the advanced expectations. It wasn’t that long ago when it was a foregone conclusion that Tiger was the man to beat. But history has shown that golf and even life, doesn’t always go according to script. Sometimes there is even a bit of fortune involved before.

“I've played with Charl (Schwartzel) on the Saturday, he had a couple of really good breaks of luck,” Lee Westwood recalled. “I think he hooked it into the trees on 13 and it popped out and he made 5, I think in the end.  But, you know, that could have been a disaster. I remembered thinking about it afterwards, he had a couple of breaks and then he obviously had a slice of fortune, I suppose you could say, starting off chipping in on 1 and the shot on 3,” the world’s #3 remarked. “You need those kind of breaks to win big tournaments occasionally and you have to take advantage of those breaks. You know, it was an amazing way to finish, really, to win your first Major Championship, to birdie the last four with what seemed like everybody, Adam (Scott) was making a few and Jason Day was making a few birdies. You know, it was an impressive way to finish, wasn't it?”

Last year first timers won all of the four majors. It’s only the second time in the history of the Grand Sam that it’s happened. Luck is one thing a player needs on his side to be victorious but there is more to it than that. Consider it predestination, as sometimes the events leading up to a major championship play a role in someone breaking through for the first time. In each instance last year, Charl, Rory, Darren and Keegan each had those experiences that ultimately helped them win a major championship. MAJOR SURPRISES, a digital book listed exclusively on Amazon, chronicles with first person accounts the sequence of events leading up to the four crowning moments in 2011. Will 2012 have more of this to come or will the usual suspects come out on top?
FULL DISCLOSURE: The digital book, MAJOR SURPRISES ($2.99), was written by yours truly. Feel free to access the link and click on the book cover for a free preview.