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Home Luke Donald says leave the ball alone


In recent years it seems the bomb and gouge style of golf has become the standard by which many aspire to play by. There has been some consideration by the ruling bodies of golf to entertain the idea of rolling back the distance a golf ball flies. In part it’s an attempt to preserve many golf courses that appear to have been overpowered by today’s modern athlete/player. Longer golf courses require higher maintenance fees, not to mention the expense involved in the land needed to expand the venue are additional reasons of concern. However, many times in life, it can be argued we see what we want to and ignore what is right in front of our eyes. 

Consider the current world #1 player, who isn’t confused for an intimidating or overpowering player. Yet, he’s proven more than once that golf lends itself to more than one style of play. 

Luke Donald was asked recently if he would be in favor of a roll back in distance. “You know, I think I'm a good proponent to say that you don't have to hit it that far to be successful. I think there is still an art to this game, and I think I've kind of proven that a little bit over the last year that the guy who chips and putts the best most weeks is going to come out on top, no matter what kind of golf course,” said Donald. “ I think if the courses are set up the right way, then I think where the ball is right now is okay. It doesn't obviously need to go any further because it is having an adverse effect on the lot of architects and the way the courses were meant to be played. But ultimately putting and chipping is still very important in winning golf tournaments.” While the golf world obsesses over distance, the short stick can often be the greatest equalizer if not advantage when applied properly.