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Avid, rabid golf fanatics have been known to go to great lengths to finds ways to improve their performance levels. In years past that often meant acquiring new pieces of equipment as means to finding a solution. For those looking at the road less traveled, consider the following as a way to uncovered added distance.

By providing resistance to hip rotation with its unique, high tensile strength spring, the Power Hip Trainer promises golfers can achieve the same swing speed as the top professionals. "Inside every golfer is a hidden speed multiplier: the 25:1 ratio of the 3” distance of their hip joints to the center of their body, and the 75” distance of the club head to the center of their body,” explained Bob Prichard, Director of Somax Performance Institute (

 "This means that any increase in hip speed will be multiplied 25 times at the club head."

Somax Performance Institute reported that 17-year tour veteran and golf instructor David Schreyer increased his swing speed from 115 mph to 128 mph after trying out his student’s new Somax Power Hip Trainer for only ten minutes. According to the company, David was so impressed that he immediately placed an order for his own Power Hip Trainer. "I have to tell you I have never come close to 128 and I'm 45 years old. Just ten minutes on your machine. I can't wait to see what is possible. It kind of makes we want to see if I can get competitive again." said Schreyer. The company said the average golfer's hip speed is just 1 mph, while the top pros measure in at 2.4 mph. This largely accounts for the difference in average driving distance between pros and amateur golfers. The Somax Power Hip Trainer promises it is the only aerobic exercise machine to increase the strength and speed of hip rotation for golf. It boasts adding distance but also improves accuracy by transferring work of powering the club from the obliques to the more powerful hip muscles, enabling the golfer to maintain his front spine angle, which then maintains the angle of the clubface at impact. Distance is one of the major selling features, however the company also said golfers have lost up to 4” off their waist in just two months with the Somax Power Hip Trainer.

The Somax Power Hip Trainer is priced at $275 plus shipping, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and is available at A DVD containing 26 drills for both right and left-handed golfers is included and golfers receive weekly emails containing helpful hints to get the maximum increase in hip speed with their new Power Hip Trainer.