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Home Bionic Gloves uses humor to create demand

In today’s world getting your message heard can be quite challenging. With the advent of social media, smart phones, text messages, 24/7 cable channels and an audience that often exhibits ADD, it can be easier said than done when trying to get a target audience to focus. Creative measures are often required as a means to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes they hit the mark and sometimes they don’t. Nevertheless, credit should be given for the attempt regardless of the outcome.

Bionic Gloves is taking an interest approach towards marketing by placing signs in bunkers, behind trees, by water hazards, and out-of-bounds on courses across the U.S. The signs provide humorous messages intended to remind golfers that bad shots are signals their game needs help and that Bionic Gloves can give them a “Better Grip for a Better Game.” The tongue in cheek on-course signs have messages like, “You Again?”, “How Embarrassing!”, and “If you hit me…You need me.”

“It’s a lighthearted campaign, intended to gently poke fun at golfers who send a ball screaming into the woods, splashing into the water, or slicing O-B,” said Cheryl Fink, Bionic’s marketing director, “and we’ve all been there, so we can all laugh about it.”

Fink says Bionic’s unique on-course ‘Get the Grip’ campaign is a great way to directly place the brand in front of consumers. “We’re putting our message exactly where golfers use the product; on the golf course,” she said.

The overall message is simple – “Bionic Gloves. Better Grip for a Better Game.” Golf pros whose courses have the signs say Bionic’s messages are making golfers chuckle and, more importantly, also ask for the Bionic Golf Glove in the pro shop. “We are really enjoying the reactions so far,” said Jack Shoenfelt, PGA Pro & owner at Oriole Golf Club in Margate, Fla. “In the pro shop we have overheard golfers commenting on the signs, saying it gave them a good laugh after a rough hit. Bionic has done a nice job with this clever campaign and we’re glad golfers appreciate the humor.”

Bionic’s point of different with its product focuses on technology, which is a common theme among golf products.“Our gloves have more technology than any other golf gloves,” Fink said. “That technology is why all of our gloves provide a comfortable grip and increased durability.”Fink says the “Get the Grip” campaign describes Bionic’s primary benefit of a relaxed, comfortable, and controlled grip and separates it from all other glove brands, as will this one-of-a-kind campaign. Bionic’s “Get the Grip” national golf course campaign launched in June and will continue through the 2012 golf season. Currently, over 130 courses and driving ranges have the signage, with more to come, Bionic said.