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Home PING has a few surprises coming

New products can arrive at any given time of year in golf and this week some TOUR players are going to find that to anserdriverbe the case. Recently Titleist unveiled its latest driver at the AT&T National. But at the John Deere Classic and the Scottish Open, PING will be bringing the new Anser adjustable driver and Tour Wedges with Gorge Grooves to its staff. Adjustable driver! From PING? Yes, the Phoenix, AZ-based Company is debuting the Anser driver, which is adjustable for loft +- ½ degrees from standard position. It is expected to have four “standard” loft options: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees, that players can start working with to customize their performance. It is a 460cc titanium head and features a black-matte finish, which it also uses in the i20 driver that debuted earlier this year. Pricing is not yet available, but the Anser driver is expected to reach to hit golf shops by mid-August.

Grooves can under the spotlight a couple of years ago when the ruling bodies decided to implement a condition of competition clause into their championships. Throughout the years, grooves haven’t changed that much until the ruling bodies modified their previous position. Candidly, equipment companies haven’t made many changes to groove configurations until the USGA and R&A mandated a change. Therefore it will be interesting to see what is NEW from PING, the company that originally drew the ire of the ruling bodies on the topic many, many years ago.

What is known at this point is the Tour Wedges feature a NEW “Gorge Grooves” which are precision milled at PING’s plant in Phoenix to hold extreme tolerances to maximize the groove’s performance. Higher lofts are expected to be offered in three sole options to match swing-style (steep or shallow) and playing conditions (soft, hard, etc.). Pricing is not yet known, but the Tour Wedges with Gorge Grooves are also expected to hit golf shops by mid-August. It’s expected that PING will formally introduce both products sometime later this month.