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Home Harrington hopes it will be an unusually hard week

In business its important to know what the challenges that are in front of you. Golf isn’t really any different. This week represents a major test for the best players in the world. It also means major challenges are looming to divert players from reaching their intended goals. What are they?

“I think that possibly the biggest challenge on the golf course is the tee shots,” replied Padraig Harrington. “I suppose 60 tee shots you've got to hit this week.  If you hit 60 fairways you're going to be doing very nicely.” The three-time major champion quickly added, “I think any major, though, the biggest challenge and the biggest challenge for myself, would be managing my game mentally and obviously putting well. I think those are the two big things you want to do every major tournament. It generally comes down to those things at the end of the week.”

The Irishman added,

 “You know, there's going to be ebb and flow and that during the week.  You're going to get some good breaks and some bad breaks.  You're going to be walking on some holes and you're going to see that rain coming in and you're going to be hoping that it holds off until you get through that tee shot.  But that's the nature of links golf.  You tend to be able to see the bad weather when it's coming at you.

“But I think, yes, I would like some of the golf to be tough this week, some of the conditions.  But I know myself, if you have 72 holes of a rainy tournament, it's nearly last man standing at that stage, and that's really difficult for everybody.  I would like to see certainly 18 holes, if not 36 holes of difficult conditions because that will cut enough of the field out, and hopefully I won't be one of those. But it does get‑‑ if you've got 72 holes of a wet and windy week, wow, it's hard to hang on through that.  It's a massive drain on the resources that will be.  But 36 holes is certainly manageable.”