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Home The 2012 Open could be slow and soft

The early handicap on the 2012 Open Championship is that the weather is going to be a determining factor in declaring the Champion Golfer of the Year. That should be good news for outerwear manufacturers such as FootJoy among others and perhaps not so good to the apparel companies that use the tournament to showcase their latest styles. However, the onslaught of rain can also impact the way the course itself is actually played. Phil Mickelson explained, “It allows you the opportunity to be a little bit more aggressive, if you choose, off the tee and into the greens because you do have a chance to get the ball stopped a little bit quicker than in the past. But it also forces you to hit a little bit more club off the tee and makes it a little bit more challenging there.” Something to watch for as typical Open Championships prefer to play firm and fast, yet the rain makers seem to be having the last laugh. The forecast looks for rain each day other than Sunday. Of course that too is subject to change.