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Gary Player believes golf will see some changes coming in the near future. “I give you a guarantee they will make

the long putter and the belly putter go (away), and I will guarantee that in time, the ball will be cut back 40 yards or so,” he predicted prior to the start of play at the Senior Open Championship at Turnberry. “And if they don't, they will look back at history and say, why did they not do it.” Player, a life long advocate for fitness, is seeing something happening that he never thought he would. “Actually, we are in our infancy now with golf. Everybody finds that hard to believe. I am seeing guys seven-feet tall coming to golf. Have you ever seen a seven-foot man play golf? Never in your life. You're going to have to have a 48-inch driver. You might as well tell Tiger Woods he's going to use a 25‑inch driver. So they have to change it. They have to. They have to,” he stated emphatically. Player made one other guarantee that may seem a little far-fetched. “I'll give you a guarantee, in ten years' time, you go to St. Andrews, and they will drive nine greens. They will drive nine holes. There's a guy in Canada, who can drive nine par 4s!”