There has been an unusual amount of attention recently on the topic of long putters. Several players have spoken out about it with the majority on the negative side. In many instances its been compared to cheating, even though the ruling bodies have deemed it conforming to the rules for many years. Its also a foregone conclusion that any long or belly putter is automatically better. Don’t count Robert Garrigus in that camp even though he uses one. Garrigus wasn’t shy with his opinion after the RBC Canadian Open concluded on Sunday. “I should have won this golf tournament by seven shots.  Everybody knows that. If I could have just made a putt,” he stated. “The putter just let me down, and it wasn't the putter. It was me. I wasn't anchoring it the right way because I usually have my thumb over it so it's not touching my chest. It was touching my chest, and I was moving my chest, so I was making the putter head manipulate,” he revealed. 

“There's a certain way to hold it where it doesn't anchor in your chest, and that's the way I usually do it. My anchor spot was wrong on it today (Sunday). I didn't have it where I usually had it all week It was a little lower and it was manipulating the face. It's one of those things. I didn't make enough (putts).” He acknowledged that he needed to make two putts to win, but it didn’t happen even with a long putter that has a reputation for never failing... He finished T47 in putts per round averaging 29.8 after taking 33 on Sunday. He lead the field in driving distance averaging 328 yards but was 76th in the category of strokes gained through putting as he gave 1.223 shots away to the field through four rounds. In the fourth round alone, he gave up 2.891 putts to the field with his flat stick. “For some reason today I could feel the putter in my chest. Might have been leaning on it a little bit too much, but you know, I'm learning with it,” he said. “I've only played 18 tournaments with the thing, and I've made two million dollars. So that's not bad. I should have won three times this year.  This one I should have won by a lot. I just needed to make a few putts.”