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Home Greg Norman is excited for golf in the Olympics

Greg Norman is an icon in golf even though he rarely plays competitively anymore. The Great White Shark once proposed a world tour. Timing is everything in life as they say and Norman’s idea never was able to gain any traction. However, his vision is very much alive in terms of the elite players coming from all parts of the globe. Half of the world’s top 10 players hail from outside the United States. A South African won the British Open  Luke Donald has enjoyed the view as world #1 for 55 weeks. Norman is in London taking in the Olympic Games and shared his excitement for golf’s second debut at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and the evolution of golf as a worldwide sport. “I’ve never seen golf in a healthier state and it’s really a global sport. It has finally gone back to where it should be as a global sport,” said Greg Norman. “The important thing is making sure everyone realizes that the popularity golf has on a global basis is a reason itself that it should be in the Olympic Games.”

Click the video below to hear more of what Norman had to say.