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Brittany Lincicome is giving two thumbs up to LPGA Commissioner, Mike Whan. The defending CN Canadian Women’s Open champion said under his watch, the LPGA is moving in the right direction. “Mike Whan has done a fantastic job. We love him. He's all about us as a Tour and trying to build all of us and not worried about himself,” she said. “It's nice to see the Tour kind of growing again. He's done such a great job.”

Whan came in under some challenging circumstances beyond simply the woes of the economy. Corporate sponsorship dollars have been hard to come by and the LPGA was caught in a contraction mode in terms of events. 

“We've got two or three events that are back on the schedule this year. Waterloo is a new event (and) we're getting more events.  It's nice to see,” she added. Much like the PGA TOUR, the LPGA Tour has seen strength within its ranks in terms of player performance. Lincicome believes that is an asset for the Tour. “We have so many great players and so much great talent that anybody can win every week. I think it's great to see different players winning all the time. We're going in a great direction, and I couldn't be happier as a player.”

It was three years ago when Carolyn Bivens stepped down as Commissioner of the LPGA and moral wasn’t running high. Given the added weight of a recession, the LPGA was considered to be at a cross roads of sorts. Whan has re-energized the ladies tour despite the obstacles he inherited. Its troubles appear to behind it rather than in front. Back in January he spoke about how the year was shaping up for the LPGA despite any evidence of the infamous high tide theory coming to shore. “I’m not sure the economy was much different in 2011 than in 2010. Every company is critically analyzing its market spend. But we are excited,” Whan said. “I’ve told my staff, the real work begins after a deal has been made. There are really only two business out there, former and stronger ones,” he continued. “You have to learn to be smarter and work with tighter margins and live a little skinnier. That doesn’t make you desperate, it makes you like every other business right now.” His words don’t appear to have gone out of fashion but at least he has a fan in Lincicome. Maybe when the economy improves there will be more that echo this week’s defending champ’s thoughts.