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Home Titleist finds a way to make the ball go further

Times change. The more it seems to change, some say, the more it stays the same, others contend. Change is perhaps a subjective thing, something both Democrats and Republicans passionately debate given the time of year as both parties run their respective national conventions. While change is often considered a constant, one area in golf never changes. Distance is something everyone wants more of. Whether its a professional or a weekend warrior, the chance to hit it further never, ever goes out of style. Some might consider it an obsession. Golfers can’t get enough of it and equipment manufacturers are challenged to discover new solutions.

One particular club that plays into distance game is the driver. Its the only club in the bag that players constantly want more out of it, especially with the advancement from technology over the years. While the days of magically finding an extra 10, 15 or even 17 yards are harder to come by since equipment regulations have governed engineers’ capabilities, it doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished. 

“I put a new driver in the bag a few weeks ago and feel like I've got a bit of extra distance from it, and I feel confident with it,” Rory McIlroy said prior to play at the Barclays. He was referring to his win at the PGA Championship with the help from the Titleist 913 driver. 

d2“We think its better in every way,” stated Chris McGinley, VP of Marketing for Titleist clubs about the new 913 driver it introduced to professionals at the ATT National. A new forged face, invented by Acushnet engineers, has created a variable thickness design in the 913 model. The new design provides faster ball speeds on heel and toe hits. Compared to the current 910 model, Titleist said it has an 11% increase in maximum ball speed area. Depending on the location at impact, other than the center of the clubface, the 913 can increase ball speed by up to 2 mph (which can add to up to 4-6 additional yards depending on swing speeds). "The new 913D2 and 913D3 drivers offer the highest performance of any adjustable drivers on the market, particularly when it comes to speed and forgiveness," said Dan Stone, Vice President of Research and Development, Titleist Golf Clubs. “Every serious golfer, from tour players to amateurs of all skill levels, will experience more distance potential and better driving performance with 913.”

While past generation D2 and D3 models each featured different launch and spin characteristics, the new 913D2 and 913D3 drivers have equivalent launch and spin because of Center of Gravity (CG) positions that are equally low. To accomplish this, the CG in the 913D2 was lowered to produce similar launch and spin to 913D3. The 913D2 driver features a 460cc head designed and a slight draw bias, while the 913D3 has a 445cc shape for workability. The 913 drivers also feature a lower, flatter sole profile than 910 and a new SureFit Tour weight on the rear sole that further optimizes the CG for speed and forgiveness. The SureFit Tour hosel, which debuted on Titleist’s 910 drivers, allows golfers to set loft and lie independently to optimize ball flight – higher or lower, and for more draw or fade for improved shot control and maximum distance. "We've already seen the fitting effectiveness of the SureFit Tour hosel with the success of 910 metals," said Steve Pelisek, General Manager, Titleist Golf Clubs. "Tour players on down to players with more moderate swing speeds benefit greatly from a more precise fit. Our previous generation 910 drivers proved to be the most innovative drivers in our history. With 913, we've raised the bar even higher"

Bernd Wiesberger (European Tour, Lyoness Open), Ben Kohles ( Tour's Nationwide Children's Hospital Invitational and the Cox Classic), McIlroy (PGA Championship and Deutsche Bank), Nick Watney (Barclays) and Robert Streb (Mylan Classic) have won with the 913 already. "The new 913 drivers further define our commitment and success in providing players with the game's highest performing clubs with preferred looks, sound and feel," said Pelisek. “Golfers can now choose their 913 model based on size or shape preference, amount of forgiveness or workability, and amount of draw bias,” said Stone. “They can then dial-in their launch and spin settings precisely using the SureFit Tour hosel.”

Players that currently have the 910 model will find the 913 head is compatible to the SureFit Hosel technology. Therefore its possible to simple switch club heads using the company’s wrench, if a player wants to main