Many would love to know what tomorrow has in store. The fate of the US Presidential election on November 6th, for one, would be interesting! Sometimes, some things can’t wait and so it would seem for COBRA Golf, which has tipped its hand and announced the introduction of some of its 2013 new products. The company reported it will introduce the AMP CELL Driver, Fairways, Hybrids and Irons (Women's AMP CELL Driver and Irons) next year.

The AMP CELL and AMP CELL Pro drivers feature MyFly technology, allowing golfers to select from 6 different loft/trajectory settings (in one club). The AMP CELL Driver can be adjusted to the following lofts with a simple wrench; 8.5°, 9.5°, 9.5° Draw, 10.5°, 10.5° Draw and 11.5°; and the AMP CELL Pro can be adjusted to 7.5°, 8.5°, 8.5° Fade, 9.5°, 9.5° Fade and 10.5°. COBRA says golfers will be able to customize their club based on swing speed (higher lofts for slower swing speeds and lower lofts for faster swing speeds), weather (lower lofts to bring ball flight down on windy days) and course conditions (higher lofts for more carry). The AMP CELL (MAP $299) and AMP CELL Pro (MAP $399) take adjustability a step further, according to the company, with SmartPad technology.  COBRA’s proprietary SmartPad technology delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting and still allows for workability to slightly open or close the face as desired. 

Taking choice and customization a step further, COBRA said it is offering the AMP CELL Driver in four colors; Directoire Blue, Silver, Vibrant Orange and Barbados Red. The AMP CELL Pro is offered in Vibrant Orange and Silver. The sole of the club features a curved Cell band in the featured color and the crown of the club is the solid featured color. In the AMP CELL, the white Fujikura Fuel shaft will feature an edgy paint splatter graphic. The AMP CELL Driver will also available in an offset model (MAP $249) for players that fight a slice.

“The AMP CELL Driver offers golfers the adjustability, innovation, customization and choice they want but have not been able to get - until now,” said Bob Philion, President. “We are taking adjustability to another level with our MyFly technology, offering 6 different loft/trajectory settings golfers can change to adapt to their swing or playing conditions. The technology combined with the color choice reaffirms COBRA’s positioning as a performance driven brand infusing more joy into the game.” The AMP CELL, AMP CELL Pro and AMP CELL Offset Drivers will be available at retail on February 8th, 2013.

COBRA said its AMP CELL Fairways (MAP $219) will be available in a 3-4 model and a 5-7 model that can be adjusted into 8 different lofts. The Hybrids (MAP $199) will be available in 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 models that can be adjusted into 10 different lofts, COBRA said.  According to the company, the 3-4W offers adjustability between 13°, 14°, 14° Draw, 15°, 15° Draw and 16° while the 5-7W model adjusts between 17°, 18°, 18° Draw, 19°, 19° Draw and 20°. The 2/3Hybrid model adjusts between 16°, 17°, 17° Draw, 18°, 18° Draw and 19°; the 3/4H model adjusts between 19°, 20°, 20° Draw, 21°, 21° Draw and 22°; and the 4/5H model adjusts between 22°, 23°, 23° Draw, 24°, 24° Draw and 25°.

“The AMP CELL Driver, Fairways & Hybrids optimize a golfers’ ability to effectively manage their distance gaps, ultimately resulting in improved playability and performance,” said Philion. “Our research shows most golfers are playing with the wrong loft. MyFly technology eliminates that worry by providing golfers the ability to adjust the loft on their own to find the perfect fit.” The AMP CELL Fairways and Hybrids will be available in the United States on February 8th, 2013.

COBRA Golf will launch the all-new AMP CELL Women’s Irons built with a metalwood face-weld construction, E9 Face Technology, AMP CELL technology, a V-Skid sole design, vibration management system and Speed Channel. “Our AMP CELL Women’s Irons will bring women the innovation and technology they are looking for on the course,” said Tom Preece, Vice President of Research and Development. “The lighter face, metalwood technology and E9 Face Technology work together to deliver precise accuracy, distance and forgiveness.”

Women golfers will have a choice in color when it comes to the AMP CELL Irons. Silver will be the stock option, COBRA said, but the Women’s AMP CELL Irons with Pearl Green, Cabaret or Capri Blue details will also be available through select retailers and custom orders. The COBRA AMP CELL Women’s Irons are available in right-handed models with set composition 5-P,G,S.  The 8 piece sets (5-PW, GW, SW) are available with a street price of $899. The AMP CELL Women’s Irons will be available in the United States on FEB 8th, 2013.