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Padraig Harrington gave away some opportunity costs on a hunch. He was invited at the last minute to play in the PGA Grand Slam after Ernie Els injured his ankle. What Harrington risked was the chance to capture some world ranking points by sticking to his schedule and playing in the BMW Masters in China. His return on investment was winning the four man event as he shot 9-under par for 36 holes to edge Webb Simpson by one stroke.

“Absolutely. It was always the right decision no matter what,” Harrington stated after his win.

 “You've got to come here. You've got to give yourself the chance. It's a fantastic tournament. Even if I finish fourth here, I'd be quite confident that I made the right decision.  It is a bonus to come and win, no doubt about it.  And it was unfinished business for me, having lost in two playoffs, it was nice to come back and win it now.  Yeah, it feels good. I haven't won in a while, so you know, it's nice; winning is a habit and it's nice to do it. It's very important to win.  There's no doubt about it. We haven't had a win in a long time and I've got to tell you, they don't come around anywhere near as often as you believe they will, and when you win, you make sure you enjoy it. I'm going to make sure I enjoy this win because even in your very, very, very best year, you might have, you might have three or four wins. It just doesn't happen as often as people thinks, so when it happens, you've got to enjoy it.”