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Winning on the PGA TOUR has it benefits beyond the immediate financial considerations that go along with it. Take Tommy Gainey, for example, who was sitting in 106th on the money list before his win at the McGladrey Classic. “It was definitely a relief,” Two-Gloves said. “I was out of all the Invitationals. So this win gets me in the Invitationals. Especially, the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. I'm in that tournament and that's free money. If I can light it up and win that tournament, then I get into Augusta,” he quickly added. 

His win turned his year around he said in his mind. “So it went from a bad year making 800,000, thereabouts, to having a great year winning, because it's all about winning, no matter last year I made over a million dollars. I had seven Top 10s. I'll be glad to give up seven Top 10s for a win, any day. It's a big deal to win,” Gainey said.

Now that his first win has sunk in, Gainey is already thinking about an encore performance. “I've got a two-year exemption. I'm looking forward to two more years and trying to get more wins,” he said. “Sticking with my game plan. I'm aggressive. Sometimes I try to lay back a little bit, but sometimes that gets me in trouble. But aggressive is the way I play, and I'll continue to play that way because it's worked out pretty good at the McGladrey, so I'm going to keep with it.” Gainey is hoping his winning ways become habit forming. Meanwhile, he’s bought himself some time to get it all figured out.