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Home Bradley has a bellyful already

Keegan Bradley said he’s been taking some good natured grief from some of his peers since the proposed rule banning anchoring was announced on Wednesday morning. “A lot of joking around, a lot of ribbing and I finally had enough of it on the putting green the other day,” he said. “I was putting with Tiger, and I grabbed Tiger's putter, and all of a sudden I see 

everyone start to walk around and start to look. I took his putter, which is about the opposite of what I putt with; it's upright, it's light, it's blade, and I made three out of four putts from 10 feet, so I made sure to remind those guys every time I see them that I made those putts,” he continued. When asked whether someone like Tiger could make three out of four with his belly putter, Bradley was adamant in his response. “You don't want to see Tiger putt with that putter. If it was up to me, I'd film him and send that to Mike Davis, and I think he would take the ban off,” Bradley said.