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Callaway Golf is hoping to add some length into recreational players’ game in 2013. The trade off is that you’ll need to own its X Hot or X Hot Pro irons in order to discover it. “The X Hot Irons have been meticulously engineered – both in terms of physical characteristics and club configuration – to increase ball speed and promote overall distance optimization,” said Dr. Alan Hocknell, SVP, Research & Development, Callaway Golf. “And in doing so I think we have raised the bar and created the standard in distance for the irons category. Golfers will very much enjoy the results.”

The irons feature a deep undercut cavity design, which allowed Callaway to precisely position the Center of Gravity (CG) and move the most compliant part of the face, the hottest part according to Callaway, lower, which is where more golfers make contact with the ball. For the first time Callaway incorporated Speed Frame Face Technology from its drivers into the X Hot Irons. According to the company, the technology optimizes stiffness across the face for more efficient energy transfer. It produces more ball speed and consistent distance, according to Callaway, even on off-center contact. Relative to its predecessor, player testing resulted in an increase in ball speed and distance gains through the set. The X Hot Irons also feature Feel Management Technology, a dual material medallion that fine tunes sound. According to Callaway, it promotes a crisp, dynamic feel at higher ball speeds. The stock shaft offering is a True Temper Speed Step 85 Lightweight Steel Shaft.

The X Hot Pro Irons are re-engineered from stainless steel and features new J-Face Dynamics, a face technology, Callaway said, that combines precise face thickness control and undercut depth to deliver the power and feel that skilled golfers prefer. Typically reserved for forged player irons, the X Hot Pro Irons also feature Callaway’s 20-degree Close Spaced V Grooves. According to Callaway research, the X Hot Pro Irons offer up to 1000 rpm more backspin out of the rough (in comparison to its predecessor) due to its groove pattern. 

Callaway has also included X Hot and X Hot Pro Hybrids to complement the new irons. These hybrids apply a thin Speed Frame Face for a significantly higher CT and faster ball speeds, according to the company. Both X Hot Hybrids have a modern Warbird sole plate relieved in the heel and toe for enhanced versatility from a variety of lies. Both models are available with a Project X Velocity stock shaft.

The standard X Hot Hybrid will be available in a 3, 4, 5 and 6. The X Hot Pro model will be available in 16-, 18-, 20- and 23-degree models. The X Hot Irons are priced at $699 with steel shafts and $899 with graphite shafts. For the X Hot Pro Iron are available at $799 with steel shafts and $999 with graphite shafts. Both models of the X Hot Hybrids will be available for a new product introduction price of $179.