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Home Bobby Clampett wants to change the way golf is taught

Style over substance? In society more often than not it seems style wins hands down. In performance based scenarios, there’s no question substance is the only way to go. In golf, a performance based game; the answer is actually both, which may surprise you at first glance. “There is huge difference between the way Touring pros play golf and golf instructors teach golf. Everything is a style. TOUR pros play golf based on the ball flight, what the ball is doing and the feeling they create at impact,” said Bobby Clampett. It may be hard to find someone that isn’t more passionate about the game than Clampett, who has set out on a crusade to make a difference with the common golfer. “I don’t like the way golf instruction has been heading for a long time. There is proof to my concern. The National Golf Foundation did a study and revealed within the top three reasons why people are leaving the game, which has been in a 9-year steady decline, is they take lessons and never get better. It’s a tragedy. It’s killing our game,” he said.

“Over 99% of people that teach golf today, teach style based teaching. A type of swing method that they think is the best way to swing a golf club. And they try to mold every individual into this particular style of swing,” he continued. Consider it the equivalent of the square peg trying to fit in a round hole. “Stack and Tilt, One Plane/Two Plane, Leadbetter, Haney everybody has got a particular style of swing that they try to mold all of their students into. My ‘Aha’ moment or realization as a result of playing the TOUR for 30 years, competing against the world’s best, being in television at CBS for over 20 years, studying the Biz Hub Swing Vision, is the best players in the game have a wide variety of swing styles. In fact, many of those styles, teachers aren’t teaching. But the common denominator of what they all create almost exactly the same is impact. Impact is the moment of truth. That’s the only thing that really matters in the golf swing is what you create at impact,” Clampett explained.

He’s building a business around it with a goal that could make a pronounced impact on golf instruction. “Our goal is literally to totally eradicate style based teaching and help the game because impact teaching works,” he proclaimed. “ Golf is an enigma to people. They don’t understand cause and effect relationships. They have a good round, a bad round, a good shot, a bad shot. But they don’t know the difference of what they did! They just see the results. So it’s a big mystery and they never get any better. The only way you get better in golf is understanding cause and effect relationships. Otherwise, you’re at a stand still and people level off at their abilities.”

clampettClampett has a book that discusses the five dynamics required to be consistent. He has created DVDs and recently launched a new online Teacher Certification Program for instructors to embrace “Impact Zone Golf Training System.”

“My instructors have countless testimonials from people that in some cases, in only 15 minutes, completely change their game because they understand impact,” said Clampett. “One of my discoveries was where should the swing bottom be? I’ve never seen anyone mention it in the world, where the swing bottom should be in the golf swing. I’ve discovered that Touring pros have the bottom of their swing, four inches in front of the ball. We did a sample test; dynamic #2 is the swing bottom, of 100 golfers over several months hitting a 5-iron. They hit five shots. We took out the best and worst and used the mean of the three and on average for every inch a golfer’s swing bottom is behind the four inches in front of the ball, where the pros have it, equates to four shots a round on your handicap. That’s FOUR SHOTS per inch on average!” he emphatically stated. “ And no body even KNOWS about it! To me it was the single most important discovery that teaching has ever known. You can improve people quickly if you known where the swing bottom should be. The minute you hit the ground behind the ball all kinds of things happen!”

Golf has a mysterious way of calling players back it, through one shot or hole that offers hope of better play despite the trials and tribulations it presents to recreational players. “The shot more often than not that keeps you coming back is sitting up in the rough and they catch a little bit of a flier or the ball is sitting on a tee. Its the only chance they have,” Clampett said.

“This is what drives me crazy. I make a nice living. I made a $1 million from the Champions Tour the last two years. I’ve had a nice career at CBS. I don’t need to do this. This has become a passion for me. I’ve basically invested everything I’ve made in the Champions Tour into this. Because I want to change the face of how golf is taught. I want to help golf. I don’t know if this is going to make money or not. Its more of a ministry to me of helping people play better golf,” he stated.

“I played my first round on the TOUR last year with Fuzzy Zoeller, who is in a hunched over position and puts the club a foot and half on the other side of the ball and then lifts up. There’s not a person in the world teaching that swing style. The other player in our group was Jim Thorpe, whose swing plane conflicts in 12 different places. There isn’t a teacher in the world that’s going to teach that. But yet they are two of the most successful golfers the game has known. Jim Furyk, where do you teach that? Bubba Watson where do you teach that? Rory Sabbatini, Rickie Fowler, Corey Pavin, you just go on and on. You go the greats, Palmer, Nicklaus, Trevino, Johnny Miller, and Gary Player all with swing styles that no body is teaching in golf! But what they create at impact is the same. Its the moment of truth.” It brings Clampett back to his new calling. “ We need to change the way golf is being taught. Thus we created impact based teaching, which is essentially impact is the starting point and ending point of all teaching. Anything we work with a student is the sole purpose of helping them create more efficient impact based on our five dynamic system. It’s simple, easy to explain, easy to understand. Students leave with a whole new appreciation and understanding of cause and effect in golf and they are empowered to be their own coach. Their scores drop, they hit more consistent shots and they know what they’re doing. It’s been a home run.”

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