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The debate is expected to rage on in the hotly contested topic of anchoring. Everyone has an opinion, for or against, yet it’s interesting to hear from some of the best players in the world share their feelings on the methodology. After all there is an incredible amount of money on the line every week and a shot here and there can add up very quickly. Over the course of a year, it can easily mean keeping a job or moving into the top 50 (access to major championships) in the world rankings as well as the insane amount of money up for grabs at the season ending FedExCup.

“I actually tried the belly putter last year. I used it early on in the year (2012) through this tournament, and I think I had a terrible putting round versus Hunter in my quarterfinals match,” Matt Kuchar recalled. “And with that I did away with the belly putter.” A year ago he lost using it to Mahan and this year he was victorious without. Compelling results that makes a strong argument that it doesn’t automatically make someone better. 

“I gave it nearly six or eight weeks of real work and played four tournaments probably, four or five tournaments with it,” Kuchar continued. “I used it because I thought I'd be better with it. I thought it would make me a more consistent and better putter. Now, I've always considered myself to be a really good putter, short putter, long putter, forearm putter, you name it. I try to just continue to improve, and I thought belly putting might be a way to improve. It didn't help me improve, and so I look at this situation (proposed ban) from the side of it's definitely a learned skill. The anchored putter is a learned skill.  You don't just all of a sudden stick a putter in your belly or under your chin and all of a sudden start making putts,” he said. Sometimes lost in the conversation is the reason behind why using an anchoring stroke. “Winning on the PGA TOUR is really difficult,” said Kuchar after conquering the challenge. Guys just you don't win that often. I won 2002 real early in my PGA TOUR career, then went seven years before I won again in 2009.  And so I understand and I appreciate the effort that goes into it and the challenge and the climb you have to make to get back to that winner's circle.”

His adversary in the finals of the 2013 Accenture Match Play Championship and defending champion offered his take on the controversial subject. “Do I feel like anchoring is right? No. Do I feel like the timing is 20 years too late? Yeah. I don't know what they've been waiting for? I don't understand how it takes you 20, 30 years to figure this out and say, okay, we're going to ban it now.” Mahan stated. “I mean, it's difficult because those guys like Tim (Clark) and Carl (Pettersson) and Keegan (Bradley) who have been doing this for a long time, to all of a sudden get rid of it, that seems wrong,” Mahan continued. “There's so much more to playing than just sticking it in your belly and stroking it. There's more to golf than that. I'm glad I'm not in charge. It's a difficult topic. I feel bad for the guys that are kind of involved with it for sure.”