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Home Nicklaus always changed his swing

Leave it to the Golden Bear to offer some words of wisdom on the current plight of Rory McIlroy. “Matter of fact, I talked to him on Monday (a week ago), and we had this exact conversation before the tournament. We talked about, I said; don't worry about your golf clubs. You're too good and talented. That will come around. Just go play golf,” Nicklaus said. “One of the things I learned from Bobby Jones, talking with him, that he always said about his seven lean years. He always said that until he learned to correct himself on a golf course, he never became a good player. And then once he did, then he obviously won 13 major championships,” Nicklaus revealed. “And that's what Jack Grout taught me, just to continually change my game. I was never afraid in the middle of the Masters, middle of the U.S. Open, I don't care what it was, last round, if I didn't like the way I was playing, I would change my swing, I always did.

“Obviously I played conservatively on a couple of holes while I was changing it so I didn't play myself out of the tournament, but I always felt like you can't play with something that's not working. So you've got to figure out, you go back to fundamentals, try to figure out what you can do, adjust it, play with it, and it shouldn't take you very long to get some confidence, if you understand who you are. If you understand that, then you can play within yourself and you can also correct yourself and play better. So that's what I always tried to do, and it's served me well, but I changed my golf swing constantly.”