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For years, recreational players have attempted to gain distance and improve their driving with a one-dimensional strategy. Much like Wall Street, it’s been throw money at the problem and hope it takes care of itself. Buy a new driver and that should more than take care of it. Much like Einstein’s definition of madness, players have been known to buy a new one each year or even in the same year expecting to see different results. Equipment companies, in years past, have been fond of promising the moon in an effort to get players to give a new product a try. In recent years, its required more of a two-way street relationship as customization has necessitated weekend warriors get involved to uncover ways to bomb it off the tee.

For those who prefer to take it a step further, a new book is out that offers insights into how the pros are longer off the tee than the rest of us mere mortals. Michael Neff, an expert in 3-D golf instruction and club fitting, offers golfers, DRIVE IT LIKE PROS: Increase Your Clubhead Speed and Distance Using Revolutionary 3-D Technology by TaylorMade (Gotham Books, Hardcover, eBooks), an opportunity to see how someone’s swing holds up against some of the very best on TOUR today. The book covers a variety of topics including ways to increase clubhead speed, consistent contact with the sweet spot on the clubface, improved accuracy and a healthier, more efficient and repeatable golf swing.

The book contains information from TaylorMade’s MAT-T (Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade) system, which allows readers to compare their golf swing to the likes of Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, Justine Rose and more. If you’re the technical type, the book is just what the doctor ordered as it provide as variety of statistics such as shoulder tilt, shoulder and hip rotation as well as wrist cock to whet your appetite. It includes images for those that are more inclined to pick up information visually. One chapter is devoted to the TOUR Composite Swing, which offers insights (including a statistical account) into how the big boys are able to attack starting with their tee shots. It discusses ways to uncover more power for players, the critical first few feet of the swing, the first move on the down swing, impact and proper follow though as well as overcoming your body limitations and how to build the perfect driver. So what’s the best way to improve your drives starting today?DRIVE IT LIKE PROS is available starting today at