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Polara Golf known for a self-correcting golf ball has introduced the new Advantage Driver. It comes with a warning, its designed to be the longest hitting driver in the game. While every equipment company makes that claim to some degree or another, Polara isn’t playing by the USGA’s rules for "trampoline effect." Instead it says it goes by laws of physics. So if you’re okay with playing with a driver that isn’t conforming to the USGA’s equipment rules, the Advantage might be for you. The product is available at For a limited time the 475cc oversized Advantage Driver (regularly priced at $299.00) is available for only $199.00 and only requires a $99.00 deposit. Who said the economy doesn’t provide silver linings? Consumers will be required to pay the balance when the driver is available and ready to be delivered later this spring. The Advantage is available in four lofts (10.5, 12, HL1, HL3). Swing away!