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Home Nike Golf looks to reduce TW's distractions

If you think all shirts are the same, think again. According to Nike, there’s a difference as its promising, “groundbreaking technology to maximize athletic performance.” It appears in the Tiger Woods Collection in the form of a continuous shoulder seam, which is constructed by ultrasonic line bonding for a “seamless” feel against the skin. According to the company, the impetus for this was derived from eliminating distractions to the world #2 as he pursues #1. “For Tiger, we found that the key areas of distraction were his collar and sleeves,” said Kim Kenney, Design Director for Nike Golf. “Tiger was typically adjusting his sleeves before he addressed the ball, moving the garment’s shoulder seam back as a way to mark his golf stance. Then, after he followed through he had to adjust and pull his sleeves back to the original position.” 

A Kimono style back with a posture informing chassis, Nike Golf described, was designed to maximize range of motion. The back of the sleeves were engineered as one continuous piece along with the back body of the polo, which according to the company is unique. So it can be argued not all shirts are created equal!