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Bushnell has introduced the Neo-X Golf GPS Watch, which is preloaded with over 30,000 worldwide courses and an extended battery life. “We pride ourselves on creating technologies and products that makes Bushnell the brand of choice for over 90% of PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour Pros, but also understand that customers also want those exclusive technologies available in an easy-to-use form on their wrist,” said Terry Mears, Product Director at Bushnell. “With the popularity of the NEO+ Watch, we created the next generation, NEO-X, with more advancements that will continue to give golfers the ability to enhance their game at an affordable cost.”

The new NEO-X offers one button information such as Shot Distance, Hazards and Round Odometer, while providing over three rounds (up to 16 hours) of battery life. Additionally, when the product is functioning solely in watch mode, the battery can last 24 months without needing a recharge, according to the company. The Neo-X Golf GPS Watch is capable of instantly recognizing courses and has an auto hole advance feature which automatically changes from one hole to the next, meaning users don’t have to push another button for the entire round. And while the golfer is out on the course, the odometer feature allows you to track distance, speed, and total activity time. The NEO-X Golf GPS Watch will be available at Bushnell retailers nationwide beginning May 1, with a retail price of $199.95.