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For anyone looking to get more out of their iPhone, Loudmouth Golf has released a free branded app. The Loudmouth Golf Tour allows golfers to keep score and track stats, while fostering competition with friends on Facebook. The app allows golfers to engage through golf groups, compete with one another, manage their group’s golf stats, and play against other Loudmouth players. Golfers can earn Loudmouth points, unlock personal achievements and win Loudmouth merchandise by playing in exclusive Loudmouth-sponsored competitions.

“Many of us at Loudmouth have technical Silicon Valley backgrounds, so when we partnered with Weekend Warriors to design this app our goal was to create a product that has a Loudmouth effect - give Loudmouth Nation a new tool that makes golfing more fun and throw some good data in as the Cherry Bomb on top,” said Larry Jackson, Loudmouth Golf CEO. “We have created an extremely socially interactive, easy-to-use app that encourages outright gloating on a global scale and fosters competition among golfing frenemies.”

“We're excited to launch the Loudmouth Golf Tour app," says Shaw Taylor, head of marketing and partnerships for Weekend Warriors. "As friends challenge each other to compete, or break 100 or 90 or 80 for the first time, they engage with the app and the Loudmouth Golf brand. This interaction has the potential to significantly redefine the game and the business of golf.” The Loudmouth Golf Tour app is available directly from the Apple App Store.