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The wonders of modern technology continue to push opportunities for recreational golfers. Ever wonder what the world #1 player would say about your game? Or if he had some tips to help you improve? How about if you could get feedback from him on demand?

Anyone that would like to emulate Tiger Woods’ short game now has the opportunity to hear directly from the man himself! The Tiger Woods Foundation is launching a new campaign with Tiger Woods: My Swing that will update the mobile application with monthly video lessons focusing on short game techniques. Each month new video lessons from the world’s #1 golfer, will be posted within the app that focus on chipping, putting and bunker play. The first update covers putting, including ball position, eye line, toe line and stroke line, along with bonus footage from Tiger discussing warm-up routines, preferred golf courses and his favorite sports teams.

“I’m always pushing myself to get better, and looking for ways to improve my game. My Swing gives me the chance to share with fans some things that I’ve learned throughout my career,” said Woods. “The app helps golfers evaluate their swing and find ways to improve without the use of expensive equipment or relying on another set of eyes. I’m excited about the new video lessons and hope my fans find them beneficial to improving their short game,” said Woods.  

The focal point of the app is swing analysis and golfers can use this technology to capture video of their swing, evaluate it, and compare it to Tigers’ or one of their friends. Woods serves as a virtual coach, teaching users how to use swing-line analysis while providing tips on specific areas for improvement. The app updates also make the ability to switch between recording left and right handed swings easier, adding retina display and iPhone 5 resolutions. The Tiger Woods: My Swing App is available for $4.99 (iPhone and iPod touch) and $9.99 (iPad2+) from the Apple App Store or at

Proceeds from the sale of Tiger Woods: My Swing benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation, which help young people go to college. To learn more about the app, visit www.tigerwoodsfoundation.orgIMAGE: Courtesy Tiger Woods Foundation