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John Daly is some ways resembles a cat with nine lives. He has had equipment deals with Callaway Golf, TaylorMade, Pinnacle, and Dunlop to name but a few but now "Mr. Grip It and Rip It" has entered into business relationships with Polara Golf, which dubs itself the leader in game improvement equipment for the recreational golfer. "We're extremely excited to have John on board as our first Polara Golf Ambassador," said Dave Felker, Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer for Polara Golf. "John's all about enjoying the game and having fun on the golf course which is exactly what we at Polara Golf are all about. His bold, no-nonsense approach to the game is what makes him so popular with his fans, and John's fans are the same recreational golfers that we design and manufacture golf equipment for. So this is a perfect fit."

All of the Polara golf balls and clubs are designed for use by recreational golfers who want to take advantage of technology improvements designed to help them score lower and enjoy the game more. However, the ruling bodies of the game don’t permit the products in competition, which makes the union of Daly and Polara somewhat unique. The two-time major champion and 1991 PGA TOUR Rookie of the Year won’t be able to use the products other than in his spare time. "I'm really excited about being involved with Polara Golf. They've created some exciting products for recreational golfers that will allow them to Grip It and Rip It, be more consistently in the fairway, and ultimately have a lot more fun on the golf course!," said John Daly.

The two parties seem to share something in common. Both aren’t afraid to be non-conforming. Daly is an open book, while his new business partner may be able to draft off his reputation. 

"Although we do not agree with the USGA's ban on anchoring, we do respect the USGA's right to make and amend their rules, which apply to USGA sanctioned tournaments and the professional tours, " said Felker recently. "But the fact is their rules and their adopted ban on anchoring only apply to about 15-20% of the golfers. That's the number of golfers that either keep a USGA handicap or play in USGA sanctioned tournaments. The vast majority of golfers don't follow the USGA's rules and simply play for fun and recreation. These recreational golfers either don't know about the ban, don't care about it or simply disagree with it. To even imply that this ban on anchoring would apply to recreational golfers is a case of the USGA overstepping their governing authority. The USGA does not rule all of golf, they only rule USGA sanctioned tournament golf and the small fraction of golfers that choose to play by the USGA rules during normal rounds, but this is a small fraction of golfers." Sounds like a match made in heaven!