“You know, golf is a crazy game. Some people play well on some courses; some people don't. It's just kind of the way it is,” Stacy Lewis said after winning the Ricoh Women’s British Open Championship at St. Andrews. On top of it being a crazy game, links golf isn’t your run of the mill style of either. “It's a totally different style of golf. You're going to get weird bounces. It's understanding how it works, and I think every year I've kind of done that,” she explained.

“At the Curtis Cup week, I played the course 11 times that week, so I saw it in a right-to-left wind, a left-to-right wind, in rain, in sun. I saw it in all the conditions. During the practice round, I told my caddie, I said, you know, this hole is into the wind, but if it's downwind, what are we going to do. So we talked about all the scenarios. When stuff changed out there, we rolled with it and it didn't seem like a big deal,” she continued. Its worth pointing out that Lewis was undefeated in the Curtis Cup on the Old Course and delivered the clinching point for the US squad in 2008.

“When we came here for Curtis Cup, it was raining side ways and we all put on our rain gear and just walked around. Instantly, I fell in love with it. I think it's more the history of it more than anything, just knowing all the great champions that have played here. Golf was started here. I mean, it's amazing to even think of. I was saying to Travis (her caddy) as we were walking up 18 the other day, just to think, who would have thought everything would start here,” Lewis remarked. “I love this golf course more than I think any links course I've played. You can get rewarded for good shots. There's not any crazy bunkers right in the dead center of the fairway.  You can at least kind of play around things and get rewarded for good shots, and that's what I like. I love this golf course, and I think I was happy being here all week, and I was comfortable and I think that's a lot of the reason I'm here right now,” she said.

Comfortable surrounding, be it ever changing playing conditions presented a test to everyone in the field and Lewis attested to that fact. “All week was kind of pretty emotional. But I was certainly tested, that's for sure. I got mad at myself. Somehow this week I was just able to move on to the next shot. It's easier said than done, but this week, I don't know why I was completely different, but I made bogey on 2 and I said, all right, I hit a drive in the bunker, and I didn't hit a very good wedge shot in there, so I probably deserved to make bogey, so let's go figure out how I'm not going to hit it in the bunker on the next hole. That was my mentality all day; it was, what do I have to do for the next shot,” she added.

Some weeks its easier than others or so it seems. There isn’t any logical way to explain it. Some weeks the course suits a player’s eye and others it doesn’t. There isn’t any way to explain that either. As Lewis said, golf is a crazy game, which can only make her victory that much sweeter.