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Golf has often been considered a game of misses. No one hits every shot the way it was intended. Depending on how badly your misses are on a given day it has a correlation to the scores we shoot. The smaller the misses, the better it is and so it goes that managing our mistakes is the game within the game. For decades equipment makers have toiled on delivering game improvement products. It’s a delicate equation as consumers are equally obsessed simultaneously with gaining distance despite growing older, losing strength and flexibility with the aging process. Nevertheless, modern technology in golf is attempting to simulate the fountain of youth!

Adams Golf has a few ideas on the topic as it’s bringing to market its New Idea Hybrid Irons. According to the company, extensive research revealed that golfers with 15-plus handicaps make the majority of contact nearly ½” toward the toe, not on the club’s sweet spot. The New Idea Hybrids irons are specifically designed to enhance the face speed in the area where those players need it most. "With a concentration on developing technology that golfers really need, we created these industry-first wraparound slots on the toe to compensate for a very common miss-hit,” said Justin Honea, Senior Director of Research and Development. “New Idea irons are definitely our easiest to hit, with measurable improvements in ball speeds and forgiveness where players require it most."

The new slot design creates a spring-like effect across the entire face, Adams said, expanding the sweet spot. Compared to the company’s Idea a12 OS Hybrid Irons, the New Idea Hybrid Irons provide 44% more ball speed on off-center hits and 24% more ball speed on flush shots, Adams Golf said, because of increased flex from the unsupported faces.

The standard set of the New Idea starts with hybrids (3-4-5) features the company’s Cut-Thru sole slots located behind the face, visible on the crown and sole of the clubs.
“These are our easiest to hit hybrids ever, period, as we continue to expand the sweet spot,” said Honea. “Hybrids are our specialty, so we take extra pride in improving ball speed and forgiveness for shots that challenge golfers the most.”

A major difference between New Idea Hybrid Irons and past models is the new wraparound slot technology. With transitional hybrid irons (6-7) in the set, the 270° slots start from the heel area and cover the sole around the clubhead to the topline – allowing the unsupported face to flex for higher ball speeds and more forgiveness no matter where the ball is struck on the face, according to the company. “There’s tremendous emphasis put into transitional hybrid irons, particularly with the addition of the toe slot,” added Honea. “The wraparound slots allow us to seamlessly replicate the hot faces of our industry-leading hybrids.” Completing the set are three scoring irons (8-PW) that provide the benefits of traditional cavity back irons, with the additional advantage of wraparound slots to keep off-center hits on line.

The New Idea is also being featured in complete set offerings for both men and women.
 The New Idea men’s set includes a 460cc titanium driver featuring Adams’ patented aerodynamic shaping; a 3 and 5-wood featuring Cut-Thru slots on the crown and sole to create higher launch without increasing spin for longer carry distances; New Idea Hybrid Irons with slot technology through the entire set (3-PW); a Yes! Mallet Putter featuring C-Groove technology promising a better forward roll; and a black and white cart bag with blue trim that includes abundant storage along with matching Idea headcovers.

The New Idea women’s complete set is available in four distinct colors with technology and set configurations specific to female golfers, Adams said. The 12-piece package contains a titanium 12.5-degree driver, three fairway woods (3, 5 & 7) featuring slot technology boasting more ball speed and increased forgiveness, the New Idea Hybrid Irons (5-SW) with wraparound slot technology, and a Yes! Mallet Putter with C-Groove technology.

Colorways for women include: Almond and Blackberry (both available in Standard and Petite sizes) and Raspberry and Melon (both available in Right Hand only). All colors are integrated throughout the entire set from the clubheads to the grip and into the bag and headcovers. The sets include stylish, lightweight cart bags with plenty of large pockets for storage and an easy access putter well.
The New Idea Hybrid Irons ship to pro shops and specialty golf retailers on Oct. 15 with an MSRP of $799.99 for graphite shafts (Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara Eagle Series 65g) and $699.99 for steel (True Temper Dynalite 85g). New Idea Hybrids will ship at the same time with an MSRP of $169.99.

The New Idea complete sets for women ship on Nov. 1 in the Almond color, while the Blackberry, Raspberry and Melon ship Dec. 1. Men’s New Idea complete set will ship Nov. 1. All sets carry an MSRP of $999.99.