Ever heard of a round peg fitting into square hole? Its one way an equipment company is looking to solve the challenge of making a few more putts over the course of a round! Cleveland Golf has introduced the new Smart Square putter, which might conjure up memories of the Odyssey 2-ball model but with a twist. Safe to say alignment is one of the many reasons players miss their mark. Its been estimated that 65% of people are visual learners. In other words they pick up information with their eyes. Safe to say, Cleveland Golf is looking (pun intended) to replicate the success of the 2-ball with consumers with the introduction of the Smart Square putter.

The key to the Smart Square is Dual Axis Alignment. Two squares create parallel lines that frame the ball at address and provide a clear visual path to the hole. They also generate two perpendicular lines that easily highlight when the putter is misaligned – even by a fraction of a degree. Cleveland Golf’s testing shows players aligned the Smart Square 23% more accurately than one of the most popular putters of all time.

The Smart Square promotes consistent roll with a copolymer face insert, according to the company, which also enhances feel and sound at impact. Its high MOI design also minimizes distance loss on off-center hits, Cleveland said.

The Smart Square will be available in three different options to suit a variety of stroke preferences. There are heel- and center-shafted versions available in standard lengths. There’s also a 39-inch Almost Belly, with a heavier putter head (40 grams more than standard) and grip (2.5 times heavier than standard) to create counter-balanced weighting that adds stroke stability and consistency without anchoring.

Smart Square putters launch on November 15, 2013, and are available for pre-booking beginning October 15, 2013 with retailers. The MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) is $139.99 for standard lengths and $179.99 for the Almost Belly. Visit www.smartsquareputter.com for more information.