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Believe it or now, but the baffler has been around for 40 years!! Cobra is looking to use the equity in the product name with a complete new line of products. The Baffler XL Driver has a 5,000 sq. mm. face (17% larger than the AMP CELLTM Offset Driver) in addition to a 21% increase in effective face area, Cobra said. More of the face is located above the low CG for optimized spin, consistent launch conditions it said. The larger face creates an enhanced trampoline effect, it promises, giving the golfer more consistency with hits across the face. The Baffler XL Driver ($250) is named for the 40th anniversary of the Baffler and part of a line that includes Fairways, Hybrids, Combo Set and Irons, which will debut at retail starting on November 15, 2013.

The new Baffler XL Fairways ($179) and Hybrids ($159) feature a new, high MOI Tungsten Perimeter design with oversized rails. “The Baffler XL Fairways and Hybrids were designed with the specific intent to make golf easier,” said Tom Preece, Vice President of Research and Development. “We achieved that through the combination of a high MOI clubhead, low CG, pronounced rails and increased Tungsten in the perimeter. All of these technologies work together to increase ball speed, lower spin, improve confidence at address and ultimately make the ball go farther and make golf easier and more enjoyable.” The fairways and hybrids have a thin, high strength steel face with more flex to produce greater ball speed, Cobra said. 

The new Baffler XL Irons feature an oversized face with moderate offset design for a forgiving, draw-biased ball flight. The Baffler XL Combo Set features a wide railed sole with more pronounced rails and a beveled leading edge. These design elements make them easy to hit from any lie. “The Baffler XL Combo Set is going to be extremely popular among game improvement seeking players,” said Jose Miraflor, Director of Product Marketing. “The technology and design work that went into the Baffler XL Combo Set truly delivers a maximum game improving set that will make it easier to hit the ball, easier to hit the ball far and easier to hit the ball straight.”

The COBRA Baffler XL Combo Set ($599/Steel $699/Graphite) features a True Temper steel shaft or COBRA Baffler graphite shaft and comes as a stock set of 4-6H(graphite), 7-PW, GW(steel or graphite). A Baffler XL Iron set ($499/Steel $599/Graphite) is available in a stock set of 4-PW, GW.