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As children we were taught if you don’t succeed, try, try again. As parents we pass that lesson on to our children. Perhaps that explains TaylorMade’s driver experience in 2013. T’was the week before Christmas and the company announced yet another variation of its SLDR driver. It first burst on the scene all the way back on July 29th, 2013. SLDR debuted on retail racks on August 9th and was heralded by its creators as nothing short than the best it has ever made. “Without a doubt, this is the longest driver we have ever created,” TaylorMade’s Chief Technical Officer Benoit Vincent stated in conjunction of the product announcement.

As all interested parties easily recall the company then announced JetSpeed in November. “We expect ‘low and forward CG’ to represent the next great innovation in metalwood performance,” remarked Sean Toulon, Executive Vice President. “With our SLDR and JetSpeed products, we’re giving golfers of all types the opportunity to increase their launch angle and reduce their spin-rate, which ultimately leads to more distance.” SLDR then came back in December with a 14* version as TaylorMade stated golfers would be wise to increase their loft in order to find more distance. According to TaylorMade, 17 degrees of launch and 1,700 RPMs of spin create the perfect combination for maximizing driver distance. It considers the 14* SLDR driver another step closer to achieving the perfect ball flight for all golfers.

And then the company decided it had yet one more metalwood that just had to come out of the closet in 2013. Perhaps with the holiday season fast approaching, the SLDR went on a diet in advance as the company said it has slightly scaled down version of the original model. The SLDR 430 which notes its 430cc head volume (original is 460 ccs) represents another offering from the company that first came out with the R1 back in January. For anyone that might be confused by this rush in the second half of the year to introduce so many new driver models, especially when the recreational playing season is limited and most consumers predisposed to buying a new driver have already done so for the year, consider TMaG’s reported sales are what it ships to retail. The more new products its send out the door it can claim on its income statement. Therefore, it would be a safe conclusion that given the brutal nature of 2013 for the golf business, TMaG has been frantically chasing sales before the calendar turns to 2014. It remains to be seen if it can or will maintain this hectic pace of introducing and shipping as many models in 2014 as it has produced in 2013!

Availability for SLDR 430 and SLDR 430 TP (yes there are two versions!) begins December 20 at a suggested retail price of $399.