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One of the business principles that PING has successfully built itself on is never rushing any product to market. When something new is considered better it is then considered ready for public consumption. PING has been rewarded with this disciplined strategy with a loyal following of consumers that recognizes the family owned company’s values. While other equipment companies pursue an alternative path towards consumer acceptance, golfers know when PING introduces a new product there is a reason and purpose behind it.

The Phoenix, AZ-based Company is known for maintaining somewhat of a low profile but it has plenty of new products in store for 2014.  Keeping with its progression within the i family, which traces its roots back to 2005 when the i5 irons were introduced to PING’s Tour staff at the Open Championship in St. Andrews, PING announced the i25 line of clubs. It includes adjustable driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. Also new in 2014 is the Karsten (named after the company founder and patriarch) irons, hybrids and putters.

“Our constant push for innovation continues to inspire technologies that help every type of golfer play better,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “The new metal woods and irons carry a common theme of increased distance but are engineered with the improved consistency, forgiveness and feel that we design into all PING clubs. Together with a proper fitting to determine the best combination of models, golfers can expect improved performance throughout their set.”

A distinguishing characteristic of the i25 driver and fairway woods are subtle racing stripes on the crown, which improve the consistency of clubface orientation at impact, the company said. Other than the appearance the patented racing stripe represents a multi-purpose as it is same width as a golf ball and the stripes offer a visual cue (consciously or sub-consciously) that can lead to multiple benefits. They can help players aim the clubface accurately, align one’s body to the target, and assist in taking the club back on the proper path. All of which helps facilitate delivering the clubface squarely at impact, Solheim said. 

To optimize performance with the i25 driver, fairway woods and hybrids, PING engineered an industry-first shaft series that offers different weights and flex profiles without altering the club’s swingweight. Called PWR (Performance, Weighting, and Responsiveness), the shafts are matched to golfers by the weight and flex that fits the motion of their golf swing and their desired shot shape. “With adjustable clubs, fitting for shaft weight has been limited because of its effect on swingweight. The PWR Series overcomes that by varying the CG location of the different weights so we can offer options that optimize ball flight while providing a better-feeling, more-responsive shafts,” Solheim said.

For all ability levels, PING said the multi-material i25 driver helps reduce spin while increasing launch angle for improved launch conditions to optimize distance and accuracy. High-density tungsten sole weights lower the center of gravity (CG) to reduce spin for a flatter ball flight and a landing angle that maximizes roll out. Strategic placement of the weights significantly increases MOI, resistance to twisting.  Using Trajectory Tuning technology, standard lofts are adjustable +-1/2º. The i25 driver is available in lofts of 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° (Adjustable +- ½ degree). The stock graphite shafts are: PWR 55 (R, S); PWR 65 (R, S, Tour S, Tour XS); PWR 75 (S, Tour S, Tour XS). It will feature a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $440. All of the new products can be pre-ordered beginning today at PING-authorized golf shops.

The i25 Adjustable Fairway Woods feature the same racing stripe as found on the driver, adjustable lofts +-1/2º and the PWR shaft family offers unique weights and stiffness profiles without altering swingweight. Available in S3W (14º), 3W (15º), 5W (18º) and adjustable +- ½ degrees the MSRP is $275.

The i25 Hybrids have a more-forward hosel axis and less bulge and roll than a traditional hybrid. The offset is engineered for high launch, PING said, while the reduced bulge and roll enhances shot making and control. A straighter lead edge and more squared-off toe promote accurate aim and alignment. A compressed profile and shorter heel-toe length improves turf interaction; the company pointed out and ensure solid contact from any type of lie. To maximize distance with functional distance gapping, a farther-back CG in the lower-lofted hybrids promotes higher launch; a lower, more-forward CG in the higher-lofted heads reduces spin. The PWR 80 and 90 shafts maintain the same swingweight across all weights and flexes. Available in 17º, 19º, 22º, 26º lofts, the U.S. MSRP is $242.50.

The i25 irons feature a progressive set design, where the long irons are designed with head sizes and sole widths that deliver high trajectory and forgiveness, according to the company. The more compact mid and short irons have narrow soles and less offset. Narrow face-stabilizing bars in the long irons increase ball velocity, PING said while wider bars are in the short irons to produce a controlled, lower ball flight with softer feel. The i25s are available 3-9, PW, UW, SW, LW. The stock steel shafts are PING CFS (Soft R, R, S, X) while the stock graphite shafts are TFC 189i (Soft R, R, S). The U.S. MSRP: $ 110 per club w/steel shaft; $137.50 per club w/graphite shaft.

The Karsten Hybrid/Iron Set promises longer distance through a deep Center of Gravity. The Custom Tuning Port integrates with the sole, which reinforces the thinner face to increase ball velocity for greater distance and maximum height, PING said. The CG locations are progressive – farther back in the lower-lofted heads to promote higher launch; they are lower and more forward in the higher-lofted options to reduce spin. Extreme internal heel-and-toe weighting raises the MOI, so golfers don’t always have to hit it perfectly to get maximum performance.    The hybrids are available in3H, 4H, 5H, 5-9, PW, UW, SW. The U.S. MSRP is $106.25 per club with steel shaft and $125 per club with graphite shaft. Ping said hybrids are available only with graphite shaft and not sold separately.

The Karsten TR Putters continues on the insert, variable grooves the company introduced in 2013. Some of PING’s most successful, timeless and tour-proven head designs are showcased in the five new putters featuring its TR (True Roll) technology. Variable-depth grooves are milled directly into the face for enhanced distance control. “To help golfers make more putts, our patented variable-depth-groove technology is milled directly into the face of the new Karsten TR series, yielding unmatched distance control,” said Solheim. An elastomer back-cavity insert enhances sound and feel for valuable auditory feedback. Available in a fixed-length shaft (35 inches is standard) or an adjustable version that can be modified between 31 inches and 38 inches to optimize fitting accuracy prior to a round. The copper PVD finish offers a distinctive appeal. Models fit all stroke types: Straight, Slight Arc, and Strong Arc.

The U.S. MSRP is $162.50 while the adjustable-length up-charge remains at $35. The Anser 2 (345g), B60 (345g), PAL (360g), Anser 5 (365g) and Zing (350g) models will be carrying the TR look in 2014.