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The Ground Force Trainer from Golf Gapper is guaranteeing an increase of 5-15 yards in driving distance. The four-week program trains golfers in their backswing, where power is developed when the player creates ground force with their trailside leg and gluteal muscles. A key to the program is to have an unstable surface during development of this specific action.

"The Ground Force training disks create this instability, causing a specific muscular reaction that exactly mimics the sensation and strength necessary to motor learn the proper load in the back swing and feel the connection with the ground," explained Dr. Jenni Martin, MS DC LPGA Class A teacher and club professional who created the product. "The gluteus medius muscle is responsible for hip rotation and hip stability. These muscles also help the golfer maintain balance. The rotational square disks act similarly to a 'lazy Susan' found in the kitchen. They're used in pilates to teach exercises that require movement of the lower and upper body in opposite directions, and to exercise the balance muscles."

The package priced at $119 includes the patent-pending square rotational disk, power pole, DVD, lead leg support foam pad, instruction manual and mesh carry bag. More details about the Golf Gapper Ground Force Trainer are available at, where the product can also be purchased.