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How many times has it been said seeing is believing? Golf is as much a feel sport and feeling often confirms what we see. Bushnell has joltincorporated this important feature into its product last year when it introduced Jolt technology into its Tour V3 Laser Rangefinder model. This year the company has built the Tour Z6 JOLT, which it said is its smallest, yet most technically advanced golf laser rangefinder. It has been engineered with new JOLT Technology and 2nd Generation E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision) technologies.

"At Bushnell, we continue to pride ourselves on offering advanced technologies to enhance our already industry-leading rangefinding products," said Scott Peterson, Product Manager at Bushnell. "It is so important for golfers to get fast, precise yardages, and the Tour Z6 JOLT delivers this critical information to the golfer faster and more accurately than any other laser rangefinder."

When the golfer aims the Tour Z6 JOLT at the flag, JOLT Technology will provide short vibrating bursts to reinforce it has isolated the target and locked onto the flag. The vibrating bursts eliminate any and all doubt and assure the golfer they have the exact distance to the flag.

The 2nd Generation E.S.P. technology built into the Tour Z6 JOLT provides yardages five times faster and more accurately, according to Bushnell. Not only has the acquisition speed been increased to a lightning fast level, 2nd Generation E.S.P. provides 1/2 yard accuracy from 5-125 yards, and the distance is displayed to 1/10th of a yard.

The Tour Z6 JOLT boasts 5-1,300 yards ranging performance, including 450+ yards to the flag. It will be available beginning in February for the equivalent of one car payment of $399.