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For many golfers, there is a case to be made they are more focused on their footwear than any dnaother shoe they possess. Fashion-wise and otherwise! If you think a shoe is a shoe, think again.

FootJoy, the #1 shoe in golf, has resided at the top with professionals and fans alike for longer than anyone can remember. It hasn’t been by happenstance either. Its one thing to be #1 and another to stay #1. This year the company is putting forward, perhaps, its best shoe ever, which considering its rich history is saying a lot!

D.N.A. (DryJoys Next Advancement) is FootJoy’s most comprehensive shoe to come along. It features elements of the DryJoys franchise with new, cutting-edge componentry and construction methodology. For example, it has a 3D FoamCollar that molds to your ankle for ideal comfort, fit and support. In recent years the shoe category has seen a preference towards the casual look along with alternative cleats. A byproduct of this has been an immediate comfort level out of the box that consumers have enthusiastically embraced. By surrounding the ankle with a material that is well cushioned and molds to it, it provides a more precise and comfortable fit by locking the ankle in place. While comfort is what everyone now expects in a shoe, its important there isn’t any movement in the foot since it can lead to a reduction of power as well as discomfort or God-forbid blisters. Believe it or not, but more than 80% of people wear the wrong size shoe, according to FootJoy research. By locking the ankle into place, it provides a secure fit for comfort and power.

"To create the most feature-laden golf shoe in our storied history, we needed to explore the anatomy, or DNA, of our premium footwear products and then scrutinize every aspect throughout the design and development process," said Doug Robinson, Vice President of Design and Development Worldwide. "Every material and every component was carefully considered in order to deliver a shoe with lightweight stability, a precise fit, superior feel and ultimate performance. By incorporating the new 3D Foam Collar, wearers will immediately feel instant comfort around their ankles and will notice the snug fit virtually eliminates any slippage that could cause blistering or other discomfort.”

dna2The D.N.A. is equipped with a SnugFit tongue, which is a thin, soft, and breathable materials, including MicroVent technology. The purpose is to properly conform to the top of your foot providing a great fit and a comfortable. You may consider it a stretch (pun intended) to think the tongue of a shoe is an important component but it actually delivers benefits. If you have ever experienced a tongue that has wandered off to the side, was too thick or thin it likely led to discomfort on the top of your foot. “The SnugFit tongue will comfortably conform to the top of the wearer’s foot adding to the overall security of the in-shoe environment,” said Robinson.

The D.N.A. also features an all-new NitroThin TPU outsole that has been in development for several years, according to FootJoy, undergoing numerous rounds of testing and technical modifications. The result is a super thin-yet-strong chassis that frames the soft, FTF (Fine-Tuned Foam) internal midsole, delivering a combination of rigidity and flexibility for maximum on-course performance. Why is this important? According to FootJoy, about 60% of people have different sized feet. For about 80% of these people, their bigger foot is their left one. The difference in sizes is considered small enough that it doesn’t require two different sized shoes but the TPU outsole maintains stability, flexibility and feel for performance.

In order to achieve the sleek, low profile look of D.N.A., FootJoy said the midsole was moved inside the shoe. FTF (Fine-Tuned Foam), a new proprietary cushioning material, is used throughout the interior midsole also known as the FitBed. In order to achieve in-shoe stability as well as premium cushioning, two densities of FTF were utilized - a firmer density for stability around the perimeter of the FitBed and a softer density in the heel and forefoot providing industry-leading in-shoe comfort.

dna3What will likely be the most obvious feature to consumers is the shoe’s all-new ChromoSkin Leather System by Pittards of England. This unique full grain leather system is supple, lightweight, thin-yet-durable and completely waterproof. By using this premium leather, the wearer will experience breathability and find the upper will conform to their feet for an incredible custom fit. “ Developing shoes that fit properly is one of the most important aspects of our job – it simply isn’t good enough to just look good – the shoes MUST fit properly,” said Robinson. “With D.N.A. we have indeed taken this to another level. The premium leathers that are used not only in the uppers but also in the linings (inside the shoe) combine to mold to the wearer’s feet creating a virtual custom fit.”

As with every FJ product, D.N.A. golf shoes have received validation at the highest level. Several players received the shoe at the Presidents Cup and immediately wore it in competition, including Adam Scott, Webb Simpson and Jordan Spieth. What do they think of the product? "D.N.A. is the most technologically advanced shoe FJ has ever produced and it embodies everything I am looking for in a golf shoe," said the world's #2 ranked player. "They actually activate my feet, giving me great balance throughout my swing." Scott has worn D.N.A. golf shoes exclusively since September, FootJoy said, including while competing at the 2013 Presidents Cup and during his three recent wins in Australia.

"You want a golf shoe that is comfortable and stable, and this gives you both,” said Simpson, who has also been wearing D.N.A. shoes since the Presidents Cup. “The new technology in the tongue and heel collar allows the shoe to mold to your foot, giving the golfer everything they will need on the course."

“We are very fortunate to have so many of the world’s best players on Team FJ,” said Robinson. “The truth is that we have had numerous successful categories that have been first tested and endorsed by this elite group of players – from FJ Icon, to DryJoys Tour, to FJ Sport and many others before these – but I can honestly say we have never had more positive and universal excitement and immediate adoption as we have experienced with this D.N.A. category. If the early reaction from both tour players and our retail partners around the world is any indication, then we are confident that D.N.A. will make a significant impact in the golf footwear category.”

D.N.A. DryJoys Next Advancement will be available starting on February 15th. The MSRP is  $220 and $240 BOA for the lacing system.