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Cleveland Golf/Srixon in partnership with Nextgengolf are looking to answer the question many golf vendors are asking. Where is the next wave of recreational players coming from? This unique partnership between Cleveland Golf/Srixon and Nextgengolf was formed with the shared goal of creating long-term growth for the game of golf.

Established this year, Nextgengolf is an organization, which caters specifically to 18-29 year old golfers by providing tournaments and memberships, while helping prepare golf courses for the next generation of golfers. It was formed through the merger of CollegeGolfPass (CGP) and the National Collegiate Club Golf Association (NCCGA).  Established in 2011, CGP offers programs allowing recreational college golfers the opportunity to sign up for affordable golf memberships. The NCCGA, established in 2003, is the governing body that provides competitive tournaments for non-varsity collegiate golfers. In 2013, the NCCGA and CGP connected over 10,000 non-varsity collegiate golfers with 540 golf course partners.

Cleveland Golf/Srixon and Nextgengolf partnership is based on the mutual goal of building a new breed of lifelong golfers. Cleveland Golf/Srixon will provide support by offering quality, affordable golf products as well as fundraising opportunities through the "Sponsor the Team" program. Where the proverbial, “rubber meets the road,” is Cleveland Golf/Srixon and Nextgengolf will work together to grow the Nextgengolf course partner network in order to get more golfers out on the course. The purpose of the partnership is to help make the game more affordable, accessible and fun for college students and young adults across the country.